Dan Williams

Principal/Chief Development Officer

As a former safety for the Michigan Wolverines, Dan has always enjoyed collaborating with others to build something from the ground up. After graduating from The University of Michigan in 2000, Dan took his first step towards a successful real estate career by purchasing, renovating, and flipping his first home in Ann Arbor. Recognizing the unique architecture in downtown Ann Arbor, Dan began developing projects that maintained the integrity of each neighborhood while meeting the modern day needs of his clients.

For Dan, it’s always been about the details, the craftsmanship, and the quality.

These are the very principles that inspired Dan to launch Maven Development in 2012. Using his knowledge and experience of 15 years in the high-end residential market, Dan has expanded his work into commercial and multi-family development throughout southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio. He has assembled a tenured team of local architects, designers, and tradesmen who help him bring his vision of blending the “old” with the “new” to a reality.